Treetop Rocks believes in Outdoor Climbing For Everyone! We want to show how anyone can experience the thrill and exhilaration of a tree climb, whether you are a confident climber raring to get to the top or feel the fear but want to do it anyway. Read our testimonials below.


My son had his birthday party in the trees today with his friends and loved every minute.. Fibie is incredible with the kids and so nice, she made sure they all felt safe and secure and we’re having fun whilst testing out their confidence.. 5🌟 from us guys, brilliant time was had by all, including the 2 parents who have it a go 😍

Vicki Lyon

Thank you for such an amazing experience. Our girls had the best time and it was lovely to watch them learn a new skill, take risks and have fun all at the same time. The teaching, care and safety of it all was so evident and the whole experience was amazing to watch. Our girls are definitely coming back and I wanted to personally thank you for providing such an awesome, positive experience in such a bizarre time. They thought you were all fab and were absolutely buzzing with pride, Adrenalin and achievement when they came back down. 

Lucy McKinlay

A couple of weeks ago I had taken my boys (4 and 7) to Clip and Climb at Kelvin Hall and watched in awe as they scaled the walls seemingly fearless. Feeling inspired I took the plunge and got in touch with Fibie and Graeme. On Mon night we met at Climbzone at Braehead for my first climbing session. It was absolutely amazing, petrifying and exhilarating all rolled into one! Safe to say I loved it! Fibie and Graeme were so friendly as were the rest of the climbing group. I was made to feel at ease immediately. They were so patient and supportive as I learned the basics. Some great handy hints and tricks along the way which really helped me to get started. Their encouragement and fantastic teaching saw me reach the top of the wall on my first session – something I thought I would never do! I was absolutely thrilled and came away with a great sense of achievement after what was a fantastic night. Thanks so much Mhairi xxx

Mhairi McAllister

My son loved it. Fibie and Graeme were great with my son and took on board his individual needs. Would definitely recommend.

Michelle McCusker

Had a great time on Sunday. I joined my 2 daughters ( and climbed higher than them yay!) my girls had a few wobbles and staff were just lovely, encouraging them and making sure they felt safe.
They keep asking when we can go again 👍
Jules C Maguire

Thank you for such an amazing experience. Our girls had the best time and it was lovely to watch them learn a new skill, take risks and have fun all at the same time. The teaching, care and safety of it all was so evident and the whole experience was amazing to watch. Our girls are definitely coming back and I wanted to personally thank you for providing such an awesome, positive experience in such a bizarre time. They thought you were all fab and were absolutely buzzing with pride, Adrenalin and achievement when they came back down. 

Goosey Sarah

Superb day out. Top class. Highly recommended. One of our twins is terrified of most things but he was encouraged to join in and eventually climbed up a rope to his total delight! We will be back soon. Total gem of a find. Well done Fibie and crew 😀😀😀😀

Padraig O Neill

Our son had such a brilliant time on Sunday in the beautiful autumnal setting of Pollock Park. Great experience and tested his cognitive skills, resilience and perseverance. He’s desperate to do it all again! Thank you to the fab staff who were welcoming and reassuring.

Sian Ferguson-Clark

My 11 year old son went tree climbing at Pollok Park today with Treetops Rocks. The staff work SOOOOO hard! It was all super safe and very slick. He absolutely loved it. Thanks everyone!

Claire Hall

Took my daughter yesterday & she loved it. Everyone was so so friendly & helpful, would definately go back 😊

Cara Gillon

Great experience, my kids loved it and we will definitely come back again. Thank you 😊

Fiona MacGrain

Girls had a great climb today with Phoebe and Graeme at Boden Boo. Very patient and great with them all, giving plenty of help and encouraging them to have more fun and be daring, all 4 had a great time!

Jacqueline Bowman

Everything is explained well. All children are encouraged to get the most out of their time and to challenge themselves.

Lesley Thomson

Had a fantastic afternoon with Fibie, Graham & Sean at Treetop Rocks. Family of four all climbed for my daughter’s 9th birthday treat and it was great fun. Varying levels of ability from us, with the six year old I was expecting to be nervous proving to be the bravest and best at climbing up the rope high into the canopy. Think her confidence will be boosted for months to come! Lots of fun for all of us and Boden Boo is a great location and the beech tree we climbed was beautiful. I didn’t take my phone up the tree (🤦‍♀️) but Fibie took photos from the ground and is going to send them to us no extra charge. Thanks Treetop Rocks and good luck. 🌳 xx

Helen Mitchell


Those of you who know me will know I have a phobia of heights. This week, Graeme and Fibie from Treetop Rocks took on the unenviable task of teaching me to climb in preparation for an event in March. Fibie and Graeme, I can’t thank you enough for your enthusiasm and words of encouragement when I warned you that I was going to be a challenging case. The patience you showed and, the reassurance you gave when I wrestled with my anxieties and wouldn’t let go of the holds. My goal was to climb 4m but within 20 mins you had me scaling the full wall! What an awesome team you make and I’m looking forward to joining you on future climbing adventures!

Emma Rogerson

My wee boy loves climbing so we thought we would give Treetop Rocks a try. He had a great time, the instruction section is quick and straightforward so the kids get climbing quickly, I think they were in the tree for about 50 minutes out of the hour (wee bit of time spent getting helmets and harnesses on). They can push themselves as much or little as they like. The instructors are attentive and supportive and very calm and patient. If you have a climber I would definitely recommend.

Tara Gibson

Really great session at Pollok Park. Kids had an absolute blast. Really well organised, felt very safe and the instructors were great. Would definitely recommend.

Lindsey Mitchell

Great fun ! Felt very safe and supervised . My 6 yr old was up and away in no time👍

Karen Stevenson

Had a great time climbing with my daughter this morning. Highly recommend for something a bit different to do!

Julie Wiegand

What an awesome experience my daughter and friends had on her birthday climb in Pollok Park. Aged from 5-10 all kids pushed themselves and had a blast. Fibie’s enthusiasm is infectious and her kindness and generosity reassured the kids and put them at ease. Safety, support and encouragement were all excellent. Parents (“She hasn’t stopped raving about it!”) and children (“Best party ever””Felt like an adventure”) were all delighted with what the kids achieved. A wonderful added bonus knowing that our money bought our kids adventure and enjoyment as well as helping other kids less fortunate than our own. Thank you so much Treetop Rocks, I’m recommending you to everyone who will listen. 😊

Kari Gillies

Fantastic experience today for my two 7 year olds at Boden Boo Woods. They absolutely loved it and can’t wait to do it again. Instructors were excellent.

Suzanne Ryan

I had an absolutely brilliant time this afternoon in the trees with Fibie and Graeme. They were very friendly, while also being professional and reassuring. I couldn’t recommend it more, and look forward to hanging out in the trees with them again soon 🙂
Edited to add: took my son this afternoon – he also had a fantastic time swinging up in the trees! 🤗 thanks Fibie and Graeme!
Rachel AH

Our two 8-year-olds absolutely loved it! I felt reassured about safety etc. Phoebe, Graeme and Sean were fantastic with the children and I felt my children in safe hands. Highly recommend.

Kelly McPhee

I went to a farm for Treetop Rocks tree climbing. I had fun. I was a bit nervous but once I had the harness on I felt safe. I really liked getting to the top and being in the branches. That was brilliant! Graeme’s teaching was good because he told me exactly how to do it properly. Once I was high up I could see across the field to the horses which was cool. It was fun and I would definitely go again.

Miho Sharp age 11

The sense of achievement my children felt when they reached the top – they loved it.

Karen Anderson

We climbed this morning and had the best fun!!!!!! My boys are 11 and 6 and none of us had ever done anything like this and it was fab! Fibie, Graeme and Sean are really relaxed and friendly and put you right at ease…..even a nervous mum like me ended up climbing higher than I expected to. Fibie explained everything really well and made everyone feel great! We will definitely be back again!!!!! Amazing experience!!!! 

Sinead McDevitt

Absolutely amazing experience for my 6 yr old. I really worried he wouldn’t grasp it but up he went by the end. the instructors were so patient and the lady who helped me calm down and find it as I ran through the park late and lost was marvellous. looking forward to next time

Vee Smith

My kids climbed the trees at Pollock park today and absolutely loved it, even more than I thought they would. A great outdoor experience.

Una Clark

My 6 year old had a great hour climbing at Pollok house. Fibie, Graeme and Sean were great helping him get the hang of it and coming back down when he was ready. He didn’t go all the way the the top but he still scaled up and down for the full time. Thank you treetop rocks.

Jodie Walker

We had the best best best time with you guys today!!! What an amazing experience, thank you so much. Sebastian is already asking when he can have another go! 😍

Mila Volaris

Our daughters joined the general public session this morning and they will definitely be back. Really great fun and a sense of achievement. Thank you!

Laura Thomson

Great climbing experience for the kids

Gillian Hunter

Boys had a fantastic session today at treetop rocks. They had fabulous instructors who supported them and helped increase their confidence and overcome their fear of heights. Would definitely recommend to anyone – they can’t wait to come back!!

Diane Lyon

Can’t recommend this experience enough! Whether you’re a climber/non climber, young/old and even if like me you’re not a fan of heights you should definitely give this a go. Myself and my son attended the Pollock Park venue and loved it. The teams enthusiasm is infectious and along with their encouragement I climbed much higher than I ever thought I could. My son said he was like a tree ninja and was so proud of himself that he got so high. We both came away from the session feeling a great sense of achievement and talking about when could we go again 😁

Kelly G Oodwin

Just to say thanks an absolute million for today.  (Hannah) pushed herself further than either of us thought she could, and I’m just delighted that I managed to get off the ground.
Your photographer mentioned that you are currently preparing a proposal to secure funding.  If you need any feedback from customers with regard to the good that Treetop Rocks does, I’d be happy to provide some.  I mentioned to Fibie that the slight panic I had at the beginning was about the physical aspect of the activity rather than the fear of heights/mistrust of the equipment.  I’ve had some pretty nasty bouts of cancer over the years that have left me in a position where I don’t really trust my body – I think subconsciously I feel like it’s already kind of let me down pretty badly – so doing something like Treetop Rocks was actually very, very far out of my comfort zone on that front, and I can see how it’s exactly the kind of activity (physically challenging but in a really safe, supportive environment) that does a lot of good for people who for, whoever reason, are in a similar headspace to me with regard to doing something physically challenging.
So thanks very much for today.  I appreciate that it must be a huge amount of effort for you, both in terms of preparation and the act of helping folk up the trees, but also in terms of ‘bringing it’ emotionally so that people feel safe to participate.
Anonymous, reprinted with permission from email

We had such a fabulous experience today with my boys ages 6,7 and their friend who was 7. Really thorough instruction, fabulous set up & a great team who the boys loved. They were delighted to get so high. It even started to pour & we didn’t feel anything. Really great day out, book it if you can.

Fiona Marra

Took my 11 year old daughter today. She was a bit nervous at first. The staff were absolutely amazing, so experienced. She was absolutely buzzing when she finally came down. Highly recommend.

Caroline O' Connell

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